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While the Leviathan Raid in Destiny 2 offers plenty of challenges within, there are plenty of secrets hidden around the kingdom as well. One of which is a puzzle located under the area ahead of you where you spawn (where you walk up the stairs to enter the castle behind the Cabal guard). If you go under, instead of taking the ramps up, you’ll find a room with three machines and some switches. Hit the switches in the right order and you’ll unlock a door elsewhere on the Leviathan in Destiny 2 that leads to the Labyrinth.

Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid: How to Solve the Lever Puzzle and Enter ... - Twinfinite

The above image depicts where you spawn in when entering Destiny 2’s Leviathan Raid. Ahead of you are some guards as well as some stairs and ramps leading up to the Castellum where the raid properly begins. Instead of going up, though, head under where you’ll find a room with generators and some levers. You’ll want to bring at least two other people with you in order to pull the levers quickly and in a specific order. The order, from left to right, is as follows:
1, 5, 3, 2, 4,6
Call out the number when you start to pull the lever, that way each person knows to start pulling their own if they’re next up. This will let you do it quick enough to actually access this secret area in Destiny 2’s raid. If done properly you’ll hear a loud noise and a notification over your super meter will say “The doorway has opened.”
After that, head up. When doing the raid normally, you take these huge jump jets (like the ones you see in the Inverted Spire strike) to reach the door to the Castellum. Instead of taking those, get on top of the building they’re in to see some reservoirs of black water. The middle one will have some white pipes you can jump on and you can see a dark passage ahead that is now open. Proceed and you’ll enter the Labyrinth which is full of mazes, enemies, and chests that you need keys from the raid itself to open.
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