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Excavation Site XII is one of the best Lost Sectors in Destiny 2 to complete solo. The right loadout can make a Legend and Master run very quick.
Excavation Site XII is one of the fastest and easiest Lost Sectors to complete in Destiny 2Whenever this activity is available to challenge on Legend and Master difficulty, players should take the opportunity. Excavation Site XII is one of the four Lost Sectors on the EDZ that are currently a part of the rotation. The activity can be located in the Firebase Hades region of the map, with The Gulch being the closest Landing Zone.
Since the Lost Sector is on the EDZ, Guardians will face plenty of Cabal enemies. There will be Barrier and Unstoppable Champions, so equipping the right mods is prudent. Equipment is also locked during Legend and Master difficulty. Using one of the new Solar 3.0 subclasses in Destiny 2 is ideal in this Lost Sector. Excavation Site XII comes with a Solar Burn, increasing all Solar damage dealt and received by 50%. This, combined with the Unstoppable Scout Rifle seasonal mod, makes bringing the Skyburner’s Oath Exotic Scout Rifle one of the best weapon options. Besides being Solar, the gun deals increased damage to Cabal and penetrates Phalanx shields. Guardians will encounter quite a few Unstoppable Champions before the boss.
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Legend Excavation Site XII has the Scorched Earth modifier, making enemies throw grenades significantly more often. There are plenty of crates and rocks inside the Lost Sector, allowing for plenty of cover from these extra explosives. Master difficulty adds the Attrition modifier, greatly impairing regeneration, but defeated enemies have a chance to spawn healing wells of Light. Titans with the Loreley Splendor Helm in Destiny 2, or any other forms of Restoration, will neutralize this debuff, enabling Guardians to worry about one less modifier. Preparing the proper loadout will turn the activity into a normal challenge.
In the first room, there will be an explosive barrel that can be shot to take out a few enemies in Destiny 2. Waiting until multiple foes are next to the canister will make it easier to clear out the room. There is also an Unstoppable Champion that should be stunned immediately. The next room is wide open and contains a few more explosive barrels. There is an assortment of lesser Cabal enemies, mixed in with a couple of Unstoppable and Barrier Champions. Depending on where he spawns, the boss may be on the ramp leading up to the final chest. Guardians looking to earn maximum points should be careful not to defeat the Dust-Choked Thrag before dispatching each Champion.
Legend and Master Lost Sectors in Destiny 2 allow players a chance to earn some exclusive Exotic armor. After completing Excavation Site XII a few times, Guardians will learn how to effectively complete the activity. Each Lost Sector on the EDZ is incredibly short when compared to many others, such as those on the Moon. Players should look forward to the return of the Legend and Master Excavation Site XII.
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Destiny 2 is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.
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