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Bright dust lets players buy cosmetic items at the Eververse store in Destiny 2. Here’s how to farm a ton of bright dust.
The Eververse store in Destiny 2 is full of temptations. From cool emotes to beautiful shaders to awesome sparrows and ships, players might feel inclined to spend their money on Silver to afford all these amazing cosmetics. Luckily, that's not necessary, because the weekly rotating Bright Dust store lets players buy equally cool things with a free currency they can earn in-game without spending real money.
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Bright Dust is one of the many currencies in Destiny 2, and possibly the hardest to earn. Many of the game's activities that grant players Bright Dust only grant them a little bit of it, which means farming it is almost downright impossible and inefficient. There are, however, a few activities players can do and prioritize to ensure they're continuously earning at least a bit of Bright Dust every day in Destiny 2.
Every week, players should hit up the vendors at the Tower. Zavala, Drifter, and Lord Shaxx will all have weekly challenges that involve completing a set number of bounties for them, which will not only give players a weapon or piece of gear as a reward, but also a bit of Bright Dust.
The easiest way to do this is to just pick an activity the player enjoys. For PVP players, they should speak with Lord Shaxx, while PVE players might feel more comfortable taking on Zavala's Vanguard strikes. Either way, load up on bounties for the activity of choice and complete eight of them.
On top of weekly challenges, each vendor that has a challenge will also offer repeatable bounties. These bounties are found in the last column of the bounty row and will refresh as soon as the player completes them and claims them. This means they can be done indefinitely as many times as players want.
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These bounties will also grant the player a little bit of Bright Dust. Note that not all vendors will have repeatable bounties that reward the player with Bright Dust. Although Banshee-44 has a weekly challenge and repeatable bounties, they don't reward any Bright Dust, so there's no use in completing them other than for XP. Zavala, Shaxx, and Drifter, however, have repeatable bounties with such rewards.
Occasionally, as players level up throughout the season and complete activities, they will earn an Eververse Engram. This white engram can be opened up in the Store tab, where it has the chance to drop a variety of cosmetic items, including Exotic sparrows or ghost shells if players get extremely lucky.
Eververse Engrams also have a chance of rewarding the player with a Bright Dust pile. This is truly their best reward, but there's no guarantee that the rewards inside will be Bright Dust, which makes them a highly unreliable source of the currency. Still, if players have any unopened engrams lying around, head to the store to open them up.
Each season, players will receive a brand-new set of seasonal challenges. The challenges will unlock one week at a time, and each week there's usually at least one challenge that will grant the player a decent amount of Bright Dust. Focus on completing these challenges as the season progresses, because coming back to these weekly challenges later on can feel draining.
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Moreover, once players have completed all seasonal challenges, they will be granted a final reward of a large Bright Dust pile. Now, achieving this is no easy task. Completing all challenges involves players participating in just about every possible game mode Destiny 2 has to offer, including the Glory playlist in the Crucible and Grandmaster Nightfalls. It can be quite the grind to get there, but those desperate for Bright Dust should attempt it regardless.
Finally, a new season means a new seasonal pass. Whether players have the free or the upgraded version, the seasonal pass carries some nice rewards in terms of Bright Dust. Early in the season, players should focus on grinding for XP, which will help them progress through the seasonal pass quicker.
This means completing activities, bounties, and so on. Always pick up bounties before heading into an activity to keep XP coming, and to unlock the next step on the seasonal pass to get those Bright Dust piles. By the end of the pass, players should have amassed quite a bit of it, especially if they've chosen to purchase the upgraded seasonal pass which yields a bit more Bright Dust than the free one.
Destiny 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Stadia.
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