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Genshin Impact player manages to get all 47 of the currently available characters in the game to their max level 90 with a dedicated daily routine. 
Geshin Impact is a wildly popular gacha game with a multitude of distinct characters to play as. The main marketing draw of the game was the player's ability to switch between the characters in their party at will, which allows for many weapon and combat styles to be used in a single fight. Unlocking a new character is a pretty major moment in the game. With 47 different characters it is difficult to collect them all, with most players dedicated to their own small selection of characters.
Genshin Impact emphasizes this constant character switching, so leveling up is separate for players and the individual characters. Leveling a character increases that character’s stats, so if a player is particularly fond of a using a few members of their party, those characters can be made more powerful in combat.
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There is an eventual level cap of 90 for each character, usually only hit by players with a singular favorite character. However, one dedicated player on Reddit has shared their roster of all 47 available characters at the level 90 cap. Fans would presume a feat like this would take either some serious grinding to pull of or a serious amount of cash spent on in-game currency, but surprisingly it seems have taken neither.
According to the Reddit user u/Veemenothz their usual playtime for Genshin Impact is around 30-60 minutes a day. Going back all the way to day one that adds up to a lot of time, but they state that they never spent much time actively leveling these characters. Usually, they would just do their dailies, use any resin on bosses or ley lines blossoms, check their teapot, and repeat every day.
Genshin Impact is a gacha game that allows players to buy in-game currency and bypass a lot of grinding. This coupled with the sheer amount of time it would take to level all 47 characters has led to many in the comments of the post joking that this player is a “whale.” With one commenter joking "You’re not just a whale, you’re the Kraken." A “whale” is a term from the gambling industry that has made its way into the gacha game community. It refers to players willing to spend far more than most on microtransactions marking them as Moby Dick style whales for the game developer to go after.
It appears this Reddit user is not in fact a whale, however. They are just a dedicated player of the game. Genshin Impact and other gacha games often receive the criticism that although they are technically free to play, the only way to get anywhere in the game would be to spend money equivalent to, or even more than, the full price of a game. But this fan proves that this is not always the case.
Genshin Impact is available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is also in development.
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