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Clash of Clans revealed its new Clan Capital gameplay feature, a massive part of the spring 2022 update that emphasizes teamwork and changes clans.
Supercell has revealed Clash of Clans’ new Clan Capital gameplay feature, a massive change to the multiplayer strategy game that’s part of the spring 2022 update. Clash of Clans has maintained its active player base for around 10 years, as developers continue to release updates that add layers to the mobile strategy game. Many of the incremental changes arrive every month in the form of Clash of Clan’s Gold Pass, a Fortnite-esque Season Pass system that adds new skins and buffs to unlock. Each Gold Pass drops at the beginning of a new Clash of Clans Season, meaning players receive many opportunities to unlock rewards.
Clash of Clans’ last major patch arrived in the form of the spring 2021 update, which brought Town Hall 14, Battle Builders, and more Hero Pets like the Electro Owl, Mighty Yak, and Unicorn. The Battle Builder Hut was an upgraded Builder’s Hut that defends itself using turrets. It also employed its builder to actively repair damaged structures during raids. Clash of Clans has grown significantly over the years, even with Supercell developing many other Clash-related games.
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The official Clash of Clans YouTube channel has now revealed the new Clan Capital gameplay feature in an update video. The developer update explains the many new mechanics being brought to Clash of Clans, including Clan Capitals, which are divided into different districts that are each fortified with their own defenses and contain their own District Hall. A district’s District Hall can be upgraded to improve the level of all buildings, traps, and troops in the district, much like the town hall in the base Clash of Clans game. Districts include unique buildings and aesthetics, setting them apart from a player’s own Clash of Clans base. A clan’s districts culminate in the Capital Peak, which sits at the top of the mountain in the clan capital. The Capital Peak contains the Capital Hall, which Supercell developers claim is the most important building in the Clan Capital. Upgrading the Capital Hall unlocks new buildings and more districts, and increases the levels for both those buildings and District Halls.
The video revealed that Leaders and Co-Leaders can rearrange the buildings in Clash of Clans’ Capital Peak, placing defenses, organizing buildings, and setting up spells. The new update also adds an enhanced level of clan involvement, in which all players in a clan become imperative to upgrading districts. Each district contains several ruins, which require clan gold to activate, thereby unlocking a new set of buildings and defenses that can be added to the district.
The increased social aspect in Clash of Clans is similar to Supercell’s new game Everdale, a fantasy farming title with an emphasis on teamwork. Every clan member can donate capital gold to activate the ruin, meaning it takes all hands on deck in order to maximize a district’s strength. Leveling up enough districts allows the clan to upgrade its Capital Hall, and each Capital Hall upgrade unlocks a slew of new mechanics, features, and building levels. The spring 2022 update also includes massive clan raids, which are persistent multiplayer battles that take many clan members to complete.
With each passing Clash of Clans update the game gets bigger, culminating in a mobile strategy game with many features and mechanics to explore. The game kickstarted the Clash Universe, which has since spawned multiple spinoff games and even a Clash of Clans short film with over 30 million views. With more features being added to the game, it seems Clash of Clans has a bright future ahead.
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Source: Clash of Clans/YouTube
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