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2019’s Modern Warfare has a mission called Going Dark, a creative change of pace that should be used as inspiration for the series going forward.
As hugely successful as the Call of Duty franchise has been for more than a decade, even it cannot escape inevitable criticism from the gaming masses. One of the most common complaints regarding the campaign mode in Call of Duty is that they can feel repetitive, and if someone has played one, they've played them all. Granted, fans of the series adore the fast-paced action and can't get enough, but there is some truth to that claim.
While there is absolutely nothing wrong with a game aiming to be a blockbuster thrill ride (something which Call of Duty achieves very well), it is nice to see something a little different now and then. 2019's soft reboot Call of Duty: Modern Warfare attempted to do just that, with a more grounded, gritty, and unsettling depiction of military combat. There are numerous sequences that exemplify this new interpretation of the franchise, but one of the final missions called "Going Dark" is where all these great new ideas come together.
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2019's Modern Warfare does have its fair share of more action-packed levels, but it also features more methodical stealth-based affairs, the most notable of which being "Going Dark." The entire premise of the level has players sneaking around an enemy compound in search of one particular target, in order to secure Intel. Since the level takes place at night, the entire area is shrouded in darkness and shadows, but there are light placements spread throughout to provide visibility.
The catch is that the player must be careful to avoid these light fixtures and avoid detection by enemy soldiers, more often than not relying on night vision goggles to navigate the environment. This brings a new layer of tactical awareness rarely seen in a Call of Duty game.
The more bombastic Call of Duty missions are pretty clear-cut in terms of objectives and how to tackle the scenarios. Players push forward, shoot everything in sight, and try to reach the finish line. "Going Dark" is much more open-ended in terms of how to complete the objectives at hand, with the enemy compound being fully open to explore and infiltrate in any way that the player sees fit. This kind of freedom isn't often seen in a Call of Duty campaign and provides a breath of fresh air to the usual formula.
While the darkness of the environment can be a hindrance, it can also be a tool used to the player's advantage. Shooting out the many spotlights and lampposts in the area will impair the enemy's vision, giving players a better advantage to sneak around and dispose of adversaries. It can be a huge thrill and immensely satisfying to carefully pick off pockets of soldiers before creeping back into the shadows to advance to the next section. It's an excellent combination of stealth and action, allowing for more creativity in how to tackle the level.
This kind of direct immersion and connection that the player has with the environment is a concept that the Call of Duty franchise should revisit more often. Perhaps an underwater level in which an oxygen tank must be monitored, with careful timing for just how long a player can spend submerged. Another idea could be a mission where a building is set ablaze, and the player must find an exit while moving around a fire that spreads in real-time.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.
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