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GTFO is a highly strategic game where one wrong move could kill the whole party, thankfully there are tips that can help every new player succeed.
GTFO is a co-op survival horror game where four players can team up to escape an infested underground cite to complete tasks in order to escape. While navigating around terrifying 'Sleeper' monsters, players must strategize attacks, or stealthily move through areas, as well as ration sparsely spawned items.
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With a fitting title, GTFO is one of the more challenging games out right now. Even the most experienced players tend to struggle with this game as it has a very low tolerance for mistakes. While GTFO can be intimidating to new players, there are a few helpful tips for beginners who are ready to take on the hordes.
Updated on July 15th by Nikole Brinkman: GTFO has received updates since the articles release, which means there has been a lot more added that will make the game more challenging. For those that were trying to go at the game solo, they might have more challenges to come. The developers made sure that everyone, whether they are with their friends or facing the dangers on their own, have more obstacles awaiting them.
Not only are there new biomes to give the rooms a bit more appeal, but there are new enemies to face and new weapons to deal with. With that being said, it was only fitting to look back at the article to make sure players had enough information to prepare themselves for the dark depths of GTFO.

Without spoiling too much of what players will encounter, there are various types of enemies in GTFO. Like most games, the higher levels you reach, the more difficult the enemies become. That being said, the first enemies will usually have a 'sleeping' state, hence the name Sleepers. This state allows players to sneak past them if they choose while crouched, as to not wake them. However, the best option is to take them out while they are in their sleeping state.
While crouched, players will want to slowly walk up to the enemies. When doing this, sleepers will start to pulse and glow, indicating that they are slowly waking up. They will even move their arms and head around when this happens. Do not panic! If all players in the vicinity stop moving and sit still, enemies will calm back down to their sleeping state. Once players get close enough to the target, they can use their melee attack to take them out.
If players thought having an assortment of enemies on the ground was enough, think again. Now players must watch their heads because there is a new enemy creeping on the walls. When players walk a little too close to these things hanging on the walls and ceilings, they will spit out pores that infect players, thus damaging them.
Players can see when these Spitters are about to blow because they will grow incredibly bright when exploding, infecting the players as they pass by. Luckily, if players shine their lights on them, they will shrink down, allowing them to pass by easily. While that's a great option, it's also horrible luck for those trying to sneak by enemies, or perhaps unlocking a door right under a half dozen or so. Players can also spray these creatures with C-Foam, which will make them inactive for about four minutes, which is a great reprieve if a fight ensues.
Another indicator on the ceiling that players should be on the lookout for when traversing through the map are Cacoons. While Spitters look like gross, pulsing blobs, Cacoons look like brown sacs hanging from the ceiling. This is an indicator that the room will become full of creatures again after players kill all initial enemies and leave. Usually if players end up backtracking, the rooms previously depopulated were still vacant, however, the rooms with Cacoons will indicate that it will not be a safe room to run back to again unless players want a fight.
The melee weapon in this game might often be a final lifeline, or the cause for certain death, so it's important to learn how to properly use it. And while it may seem preferred to use your ranged weapons, preserving ammo is ideal to stay alive for future obstacles. Plus, firing a weapon will wake up any sleeper nearby, causing a domino-affect in which the rest of the enemies in nearby rooms could potentially awaken as well.
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When using a melee weapon, the charge only lasts for so long before the weapon goes off automatically, which can cause serious problems if you and your team are coordinating simultaneous hits to a cluster of Sleepers. Make sure to practice your charges before attempting these attacks to avoid firefights.
There have been new melee weapons as well removed ones as GTFO progressed. And with the added weapons, picking the right one for a specific playstyle is highly important. For those in a team, it would be wise to have various weapons depending on the choices and the playstyles as each has their own selective damage and skill types.
The options are between a Spear (2 Damage Basic Attack, 17.5 Damage Full Charge), Knife (2 Basic Attack, 5.5 Full Charge, 2x multiplier for Sleeping enemies), Bat (3 Basic Attack, 12 Full Charge), or Sledgehammer (3 Basic Attack, 20 Full Charge). Like most games, the heavier, blunter objects like the Bat and Sledgehammer does more damage, while the Spear does less, and the Knife, being agile and quick does the least amount of damage. Those that want to be closer to the enemies, but can quickly stab them and bolt out, should use the knife. And those that want to do the most damage like a tank character should pick the heavier objects. And for those that want some distance should use the spear.
Therefore, if all players picked the Knife with the least amount of damage, having a synchronized melee shot to the bigger enemies can be difficult as they won't go down on one shot, they might have to stab it a couple of times before completely killing it, so be wise at what everyone in the party picks.
Sleepers are the main consistent enemy in the game that players will see the most, but thankfully people will start to get used to the rhythm of taking them out. Each enemy has a weak point, where enemies can get taken down with a single blow.
The Sleepers weak points are on its head, stomach and back. The head is the safest area to aim for when taking down these enemies, only needing a half-charged melee weapon to take them out. If a player ends up missing these weak spots, enemies will immediately start to glow red and try to wake up the other. But don't worry, a quick second swing can take down the awakened before the rest are alerted. Being quick is key to keeping the team alive.
Terminals are computers that are scattered across the map. These computers are vital to players journey through the level. Logs can be found in them left by previous workers and survivors that can provide information and potential lore. However, there is a more important use for these computers. Players can locate and identify items, such as keycards, health packs, ammo packs, and other gadgets. As well as locate where they need to go to progress through the level. Without the Terminals, players can miss important tools to stay alive, and could easily lose themselves in the endless rooms.
To use a Terminal, players would need to walk up and interact with it ("E"), and type in a command. Depending on what the player needs, there are different commands to use. LIST is pretty self-explanatory. It provides a list of items that are in the room they are standing in at the moment, allow players to stock up on any items that they need.QUERY is used when players want to locate specific items, objectives, and doors. For example, if someone is searching for a health pack, and they were in Zone 909, players could type "QUERY_MEDIPACK_909". The Terminal would then focus on that specific Zone and show how many health packs would be in that area.
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The last most common command is a PING. Like the QUERY command, players can use this to find where a specific item is that is near them. Often, this is used to find a specific door to make sure players are moving in the right direction. To keep the examples similar, when players type "PING_MEDIPACK_909", not only will the Terminal return with the Zone and Area, but if players are close enough, they will hear an audible, directional sound like a chime to indicate where it is. That being said, using this to locate which door players need can be extremely helpful to prevent excessive wandering and combat.
For beginners, the suspense of what might happen next can be both exhilarating and nerve-racking, especially in a game like this where one move could mean life or death. Because of this, players need to be smart about their movements. And Security Doors isn't an exception. These doors are common in levels, and while there are different variants, they all are pretty similar. Interacting with this door will set off an alarm, in which starts a sequence of events. Circles will start to appear on the ground around the door where players will need to stand for a certain amount of time to start unlocked the alarm. The faster players go through these sequences, the sooner the alarm will end.
And that might seem pretty simple, until players start to hear the sounds in the distance. The alarm is not only tedious, but it essentially spawns and wakes up several enemies that come racing towards the door, creating a horde to fight off all the while players are trying to disarm the blaring sound that is creating these waves to come. But don't worry, there are preventative measures players can use to slow down or lessen the waves. Using Sentry Turrets are a great way to take down some enemies before they reach the door. Setting these up at entryways to the room that players are in can thin out the horde. Another great tool is the C-Foam Launchers, or even C-Foam Grenades. This acts like a sticky-glue substance that can be shot on doors to make it harder to bust through, or the ground, to lock enemies in place for a short period of time to prevent an instant rush coming to players.
Another new addition to the game, Artifacts are things that can be found throughout the map. They can be found in loot boxes, on shelves, on the floor or on top of props. There are usually about thirty artifacts for each sector. There are three different artifacts that escalate in rarity, such as muted, bold and aggressive.
With higher rarity, it will be a higher value. As players gather these artifacts throughout the levels, after finishing and completing the level, it will give players a certain level of booster depending on the value of the artifacts collected. These boosters can be selected before a level begins, and it will use up some percentage of what has been collected. That being said, collecting as many artifacts as possible can certainly help in further expeditions.
GTFOis available on PC.
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