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From the Eagle Industries MMAC to the TV-110 Wartech and Hexgrid, these are some of the very best armor pieces available in Escape From Tarkov.
In a sea of first-person shooters, there are few that tend to rise to the top and even fewer that captivate audiences for years at a time (some of the most beloved genre entries seem to be dormant now). Escape From Tarkov is one of those rarities. Battlestate Games' first foray has managed to maintain fans' attention for years on end, and it only recently entered its Beta stage.
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It has managed to do so due to its unparalleled gunplay, focus on realism, and compelling grind (all of which can be tough to get to grips with for newcomers). Given this nearly unforgiving focus, it can be incredibly difficult to understand what gear is worth the player's time. There are quite a few armors that aren't worth the price, but just as many options in terms of viable armor that players can utilize in order to give them an advantage.
This armor is recommended for absolutely any and all player types. Not only is it somewhat light and tactically sound, but it also functions as a tactical rig. Sitting at Tier 4 isn't going to help much with those highly-kitted players running M995, M855A1, or Igolnik ammo, but it will help greatly against the ammo a step below: The BP, BS, and BTs. The versatility and affordability of this rig is incredibly hard to pass up even late wipe. It will also surely be an easy go-to when exploring maps, giving a little extra protection.
It is easily obtained through raiders and Rogues on Lighthouse, or through a barter trade from Ragman for a Sewing Kit and a Ripcord (which, on average, will cost less than 50,000 rubles).Players are also allowed to buy two per restock from Ragman's barter trade. This should be every player's general go-to armor for their PMC. The only negative is that it is a double-edged sword, as a tactical rig. On the one hand, this saves money, but it also sacrifices more spacious rigs with better slot allotment for the armor benefits. A comparable go-to would be the FirstSpear "Strandhogg" armor, which is harder to obtain outside of killing Rogues on Lighthouse, which is only excluded from this list due to the fact that it isn't quite as easy to obtain as the MMAC.
The classic Highcom Trooper armor (popularized by the many raiders players will run into throughout Reserve or on the bodyguards of Scav bosses) is still an incredibly useful armor vest. Though the armor is only Tier 4, it provides ample protection against a majority of ammunition types. It has minimal negative impact to the player's turn speed, movement speed, and ergonomics, mainly due to the fact that it is made of ultra-lightweight polyethylene. It also has high durability at 85 points, whereas cheaper armors like the NFM Thor Concealable sit at 35 points. It can be found on the Flea Market.
The place where this armor falls a bit short is in terms of its coverage. The armor only covers the center-mass of each player's PMC, whereas some Tier 4 and 5 armors will give more body protection at the tradeoff of weight and movement penalties.
Though this armor is somewhat rare to find, except on the occasional dead PMC, it functions as an excellent tactical rig with great space allotment that provides ample protection to most players. It can be found on raiders.
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It is one of the few armored tactical rigs that have a 2×2 slot as well as three 3×1 slots for loot and magazine storage, allowing fans to run with 45-round magazines or higher without the risk of dropping magazines on the ground during stressful firefights like in the D2 area on Reserve. On the upside, its penalties are quite small with minimal reductions in movement speed and high durability mixed with quality material of Steel plate.
The Korund armor maintains its status as useful and disposable. While it will take heavy hits and zero out much faster than other armors of its grade (Tier 5) it is also incredibly repairable. Many such solid budget builds are available in the game through barter trades from Ragman. It has long been the go-to armor for those wishing to avoid a dreaded one-tap thorax shot from the unsettling accurate AI Scavs.
This armor also does wonders in terms of mid-wipe PVP, where all but the highest tier ammo will take more than a few rounds to knock players down. Even though the FORT Redut-M provides better coverage and more durability the Korund will beat it out in terms of pure availability and ease of access, as the prior is a much more expensive barter trade, and is rarely found in the game's deadly raids, aside from very lucky stash finds.
The IOTV Gen4 is an armor that most players would recognize –along with the Highcom Trooper– as being found on raiders on rare occasions, though not as often as the Trooper. Not only is it a Tier 5 armor, but it has three different options in terms of coverage. It offers high mobility, assault kit, and full protection variants. Each of these trades off mobility and ergonomics for more protection.
The only major downside to this armor, other than the difficulty of choosing between the three types and the best weapons to run with it, is the cost of maintaining it. This material is not the cheapest to repair from either Prapor, Skier, or Mechanic, so those light on money might want to use it for especially kitted raids or leave it to specific situations.
The 6B43 Zabralo-Sh armor is easily the safest option for those who tend to move slowly and safely through raids. The players using this armor do so with the intent of being covered like a tank and they usually pair it with an Altyn or Maska helmet.
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Those using this armor know they won't be able to outmaneuver foes, and will instead opt to tank the damage thrown at them with the confidence that they will have the final say in the firefight (it's advised to try out offline raids to acclimatize to the movement penalities). It is also somewhat easier to obtain than most Tier 6 armors, as both Prapor and Ragman offer different barter trades once players hit loyalty level three with each. The main downside of the Zabralo is its weight. Having a 35% reduction in movement speed alone is critically dangerous to any PMC, but it also has a 21% reduction in turning speed and a -27 score for ergonomics.
The Hexgrid is one of a few special armors coming in very close to the famed Slick in terms of pure mobility and damage absorption. Like its very similar cousin, it provides excellent mobility, turn speed, and ergonomics. This armor will allow players to pull very quick maneuvers without the risk of stamina depletion mid-fight, from quick repositioning to jumping out of windows.
The Hexgrid will provide the maximum amount of protection to the torso and stomach without compromising speed and tactical maneuverability. The major downside to the Hexgrid is that it is rare and incredibly expensive.
Slicks are easily one of the most difficult armors to find in Escape From Tarkov. It comes in three color varieties, but players shouldn't be picky in terms of which they obtain. After changes to the Flea Market, players are now unable to buy Tier 6 armor aside from Trader barter trades. This update makes these armors even more elusive, and therefore more valuable.
The Slick and the Hexgrid are very rare, however. They can generally only be found in stashes, if at all, but the all-around protection and agility they offer will make any player a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.
Escape From Tarkov's closed beta has been running since July 2017, for Windows.

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