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These Air Twister tips and tricks should be perfect for beginners, as well as anybody targeting the top spots on the game’s global leaderboards.
Prior to the release of Air Twister, it had been more than two decades since Yu Suzuki last put out a propper arcade game. Despite the passage of time though, the influential Japanese developer clearly hasn't lost his touch. The new Apple Arcade game is already one of the service's most popular titles, with more than 25 thousand people downloading it in the space of just 72 hours. Of course, it certainly helps that players can currently sign up for a free one-month trial of Apple Arcade with just a few clicks.
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Like any great arcade game should be, Air Twister is easy to pick up, yet difficult to master. The more time players spend with the futuristic rail shooter, the better they'll become, but there are a few things that they can do to help flatten out the learning curve a little faster. These Air Twister tips and tricks should be perfect for beginners, as well as anybody targeting the top spots on the game's global leaderboards.
Like most other Apple Arcade games, Air Twister features full controller support, but players should avoid using a gamepad unless they absolutely have to. This is because the game's touch controls offer a lot more versatility, particularly when it comes to shooting down targets quickly and accurately.
For best results, players should use one of their hands to control the position of the princess and the other one to swipe at and target enemies. Once they get a little more comfortable with this setup, they'll then be able to start using two fingers on their attacking hand to take down enemies and bosses even faster.
There are ten boss fights in Air Twister, each posing its own unique set of challenges. Several of them feature phases in which the boss swipes at the side of the screen; always alternating between left and right. What players may not realize right away though is that the order in which they attack is predetermined, making it very easy to dodge their attacks.
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The Stage 3 boss will always start by attacking the left side of the screen, while the bosses for stages 7 and 10 are scripted to start from the right. These aren't the only things that are pre-determined either. The polygon wall that the Stage 3 boss summons will always break apart from the top-right hand corner, while the tubes in the Aquarium stage will feature blockages at the same points in every single playthrough.
Those unable to memorize attack patterns need not fear, as the game also gives players visual cues when a boss is about to swipe at the screen. It's a little like the Experiment No. Z-57 boss fight in Metroid Dread, only this time the direction and position of the boss' incoming attacks are indicated by yellow arrows on either the left or right side of the screen.
During regular gameplay, players will instead need to rely on audio cues, which will indicate when an enemy projectile is being fired. Generally, it takes around two to three seconds for a projectile to reach the front of the screen, giving players plenty of time to get out of the way. In later stages, however, this time may increase or decrease a little, depending on how far away enemies are when they fire.
Though it may not seem like it at first, every regular enemy attack in Air Twister will target the exact spot that the player is in at the moment that the projectile is fired. As a result, moving around the screen in a circular motion is pretty much a sure-fire way to avoid taking hits. It's also very useful in some of the game's boss fights, especially in Stages 5 and 12. Of course, there are a few things that need to be considered.
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Players will probably have to work on the speed of their movement a little to ensure that they don't complete a full circle faster than it takes a projectile to reach the front of the screen. This is pretty easy early on, but in the last few stages, players will find that some enemies attack from further away, forcing them to slow their movement. Conversely, when enemies are firing from close range, players will need to move a little faster.
When playing through the main game, players will receive a star each time they destroy a full formation of enemies. They'll also be able to get stars from the unlockable Fluffy stages or by completing daily or weekly tasks. These stars serve as the game's main currency and are used to unlock new items on the Adventure Map.
For those having trouble staying alive, yellow hearts and defensive shields should be the priority here, but that's only really the tip of the iceberg. Players can also use stars to get their hands on new weapons or to unlock new challenge stages. There are tons of cosmetic items too, as well as cut-scenes and music tracks that can be played freely from the World Guide.
Air Twister is available now on Apple Arcade.
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