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15 Perfect Destiny Gift Ideas For the Guardian in Your Life – Twinfinite

Christmas time for the Guardians.
Zhiqing Wan
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Thorn Replica – The Destiny Crucible meta has changed, but no one will forget the dark days where Thorn ruled supreme. Here’s a gorgeous-looking Thorn Hand Cannon replica to remind you of the scary poison sounds.
Engram Boxes – Ah yes. Engrams. The reason why anyone plays Destiny at all. These beautifully handcrafted Engram boxes will make you feel like your own Cryptarch. Treat yourself right. Forget about Rahool.
Inspired Titan Hoodie – Want to show off your Titan pride? This cool fan-made hoodie features the Sunbreaker emblem, along with a subtle Titan logo below it.
Warlock Controller Stand – Maybe you’re a Warlock, and you need to show off your magical pride in some form at home. Here’s a nice wooden controller stand with the Warlock logo. You can also have your Gamertag or username carved here.
Dread Explorer Shell – This is a 3D-printed Explorer Ghost shell that actually lights up, just like the real thing! It’s a little pricey, but this Ghost shell has been sanded to a smooth finish, so you can hold it in your hands and feed like a real Guardian.
Iron Banner Cast Logo – With the recent release of Rise of Iron, it’s only natural that you’d want to show off your allegiance to Lord Saladin and the Iron Banner in some way. Here’s a nice cast logo that lets you do just that.
PS4 Light Bar Decal – Not a fan of the annoyingly bright light bar on your PS4 controller? This Destiny logo decal will go over the bar and light up prettily for you.
Hardcover Blank Journal – The official Bungie store has quite a few goodies on offer, as well. This elegant journal comes with the Destiny logo on the cover, and it’s great for fans who love writing down their thoughts and ideas with paper and pen.
Ghost Plush – So maybe you can’t afford a 3D-printed Ghost shell replica. Not to worry. This cute little Ghost plush will keep you company as you sleep.
D is For Destiny – Looking to get little kids into the space world of shooting aliens and loot collection? Why not grab this children’s picture book for the Kinderguardians in your life?
Jade Rabbit Money Clip – If you’ve got a lot of money to count, consider picking up this money clip. It comes printed with the cute and iconic Jade Rabbit logo. You can’t go wrong with that.
Hammer of Sol – Sunbreaker Titans are terrifying in the Crucible. Strike fear into the hearts of your opponents with this 3D-printed Hammer of Sol. Just don’t actually lob it at anyone.
Black Gjallarhorn Blueprint – Everyone loves the Gjallarhorn. Hang up the blueprints of this Exotic Rocket Launcher on your walls, and revel in its beauty.
Gjallarhorn-Themed Controller – Can’t get enough of the Gjallarhorn? I thought not. Here’s a Gjallarhorn-inspired PS4 controller for you, so that the Rocket Launcher is never out of your thoughts.
Ghost Bookmark – Here’s one for all the readers out there. This Ghost bookmark will help you keep track of your pages. Maybe it’ll help you with imagining Peter Dinklage reading to you as you leaf through your books as well.
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